Salmon Arm Observer Questions

Q3: What are your main goals in running for mayor/council? 

This election is about who Salmon Arm voters feel is best suited to make the consequential decisions needed for the city. Most folks recognize that the amplified grievances and conspiratorial voices of some are not in the city’s best interest.

What is important to them is authentic leadership, experience, consensus building and measured thoughtful data-driven decisions that ensure the best outcomes for our citizens. I offer that skill set as do other serious candidates. Salmon Arm has options to vote for responsible and progressive leadership for our community. I trust that I’m one of them. See for my platform

Q2: The City of Salmon Arm is a signatory to B.C.’s Climate Action Plan and, among other things, has supported related projects including a solar power feasibility study and the purchase of hybrid vehicles. Should the city be doing more or less to address climate change and why?  Oct 5th

While we definitely need to do more, it’s also important to recognize recent key initiatives now onstream that have led to the city’s lowest GHG emissions since counting emissions began.

I support developing a Master Climate Action Plan, increased funding of city infrastructure susceptible to climate change, our upcoming revised OCP based on sustainability lenses, No-Net-Loss tree regulations and a Food Security and Urban Agriculture Plan as immediate priorities.

The soon-to-be-released comprehensive Active Transportation Plan is directly correlated to addressing climate change for the next 20 years.

Please see more of my climate-sincere platform for action at

Q1: Does the city have a greater role to play in responding to homelessness, and what steps would you support the city taking?

Salmon Arm is doing its utmost as a small community. The city is compassionately responding to poverty, homelessness and those vulnerable to homelessness through our coordinated Social Impact Committee and providing Tax Exemptions for agencies delivering critical services.

We will continue to advocate with senior governments who have the responsibility for funding more supportive housing, mental health services and outreach worker positions. Our community is best placed to address local priorities but we require the funding to do so much more effectively.

I will continue to press for this needed funding.  See for more

Observer’s request of Who I am & Why I’m Running

I moved with my wife Nancy Kolkind to Salmon Arm 28 years ago to raise a family and because of the incredible lifestyle that Salmon Arm offers. It’s the best decision we’ve ever made! We have two wonderful young adult daughters and many close connections in our community.

As an educator, I understand that investing in learning and capacity-building paves the way for a better future – whether that be in education or ensuring a Liveable, Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable Salmon Arm.

I’ll continue to work hard through measured, thoughtful and progressive leadership to meet these goals. I remain committed to listening closely to all ideas, building consensus of citizens and making the many consequential decisions needed for the future of Salmon Arm. That takes genuine collaboration, a healthy exchange of ideas and a majority of council to implement policies.

I am fully committed to having the best functioning Salmon Arm local government possible. That involves working with integrity, respect, accountability and collaboration. That’s who I am and it’s what I do. My over-riding focus is on a Salmon Arm that works well for its citizens.

See for my full re-election campaign platform and thanks for your support.