Salmon Arm Chamber Intro Question

What are your 3 primary goals for the next 4 years and how are you going to achieve this?

The primary job of an elected official is to make decisions and set policy directions with the support of a majority of council. While some decisions may be relatively minor or short term, many decisions are consequential for the future of Salmon Arm. To get these important decisions right, it requires elected officials to know about the community, what it needs and how to get there. It requires measured, researched and thoughtful approaches; understanding how council works; having the capacity and experience to deal with complex issues and knowing how to navigate with higher levels of government who often control the needed purse strings. It requires advocating ideas with the community and productively collaborating with the other decision-makers on council to get things done.

I have the local government experience, skills and standing with both colleagues and the community to craft effective policies and make the consequential decisions that are required. That’s my track record of “How” things get achieved.

My primary goals for this next term are contained within the Four Pillars of initiatives I will advance and support. They reflect what a Liveable, Reliable, Affordable and Sustainable Salmon Arm can accomplish.

My top goals are increased support for our residents who are vulnerable, supporting affordable housing solutions across the housing spectrum, developing a best-practice Climate Action plan with new funding that is just now available and implementing the soon-to-be released Active Transportation plan for safe connecting walking and biking infrastructure over the next 20 years.

There are numerous goals under each pillar that I am proposing for this next term. Some initiatives are now underway but need to be further supported, some are in the hopper and will be coming before the new council to decide and others are ideas and motions for the future that I will introduce. I expect all the goals that I have laid out to be underway in the first 12 months of the next term.

These four pillars and the many corresponding proposed initiatives – including rationale and specifics – can be found in my platform at

Please check it out. Thanks Tim

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