Leadership for a Salmon Arm that Works

Effective leadership is about what we do as well as how we actually do it. It involves fiscal prudence, promoting a strong, diverse modern local economy, progressive, green and inclusive policies, collaborative approaches, increased citizen engagement and lots of hard work.

It’s been an absolute honour to work constructively for the betterment of Salmon Arm these past four years. I’m well-prepared for the many issues and challenges that we’ll face in this upcoming council term and I appreciate your support for my re-election.  I’m completely committed to A Salmon Arm that Works!

Here are some personal highlights from this term:

  • Increased opportunities for citizens to engage with council. This includes taking council meetings on the road, increased formal public input sessions and sponsoring the new Youth Council where SAS senior students are involved with city issues and policy. It’s real learning of real issues in real time!
  • The creation of the Housing Task Force and current affordable housing applications underway and supported by the city will start to address housing affordability. Thanks to Councillor Louise Wallace Richmond for co-chairing the TaskForce with me and a big shout out to the cross-sectoral members of the Task Force who have contributed their time and expertise.
  • Tax policy rationalization including starting the MRDT (Hotel tax) to promote shoulder season tourism, blending of the Class 5 and 6 tax rates to support Light Manufacturing and property tax increases that have been lower than the annual BC consumer price index the past two years.
  • Advocating to Become a FireSmart Community
  • Supporting an Inclusive Salmon Arm

My Four Commitments to Salmon Arm citizens  plus Key Specific Initiatives -> Continue reading

Thanks Salmon Arm

Thanks to Salmon Arm residents who have been so engaged in our local election.

Thanks also to the quality candidates who offered up their good names, ideas and countless hours of commitment for Salmon Arm’s future. Please stay involved.

Finally, thanks for your vote of trust. I’ll listen closely and work hard!