Candidacy Announcement for Salmon Arm Council 2018

People have been asking and I’ve made the decision, so the timing is right. I’m announcing today that I’ll be seeking re-election as a city councillor in Salmon Arm’s fall 2018 election.

Effective leadership is all about what we do as well as how we actually do it. It involves fiscal prudence, promoting a strong, diverse, modern local economy, progressive and inclusive policies, collaborative approaches, increased citizen engagement and lots of hard work.

I’m eager to again offer my leadership skills for a Salmon Arm that works.

My specific campaign platform will be introduced here as the election period approaches. Until then, the focus remains on the important work in front of your #SalmonArm Council now.

Current Committees, Boards & Certification

I currently represent the City of Salmon Arm on these boards and committees

  • City Environmental Advisory Committee (Chair)
  • City Housing Task Force (Co-Chair)
  • Voting Director – Board of Okanagan Regional Library The ORL board is composed of 24 municipalities, regional districts and First Nations
  • Salmon Arm Economic Development Society rep
  • Salmon Arm Chamber of Commerce rep
  • Columbia Shuswap Regional District (Alternate Director)
  • Deputy Mayor – April 1, 2018 – July 31, 2018
  • Southern Interior Local Government Association (SILGA) Board Director-at-Large (2nd term) – SILGA represents  the 37 cities, towns, villages, districts and regional districts in South Central British Columbia
  • Shuswap Emergency Program rep

In 2017, I completed the Level 1  Certification in Local Government Leadership. This LGLA Certification involved three years of workshops and conferences on governance, financial reporting and legal responsibilities as well as seminars on the many key issues facing local governments in B.C.

These learning opportunities plus the external relationships with other local governments developed through SILGA, UBCM and the ORL  have been incredibly valuable in being a more effective councillor.

Thoughts on Leadership & Local Governance in a ‘Weak Mayor’ System

I’ve been posting my thoughts on leadership and governance since mid-March on social media but those threads are hard to retrieve. So, here’s an in-one-spot compilation. It’s a thread on The Role of a Mayor, Distributed Leadership in a “Weak Mayor’ system  (legally, practically and perceived) – Slate Politics at the local level, Leadership and Vision & more. What’s best for #SalmonArm local governance?

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