Salmon Arm Observer Questions

The Observer will be asking a weekly question for the next 3 weeks. here’s what’s printed so far!  Candidates were allowed 75 words maximum!

1) Are you for or against the Ross Street underpass project and why?

I’ll be voting “Yes”. It’s the best safest multi-modal crossing option now available to us given that our current crossings are not adequate. A “No” vote will represent a significant lost opportunity in light of much higher future costs to build a crossing later. Finally, we’ll be faced with significant costs to improve our existing crossings, much sooner than later, linked to Transport Canada decisions outside of our control. See for more information.

2) What should the city do to address homelessness?

There’s a fundamental need to address homelessness and poverty amidst the complex spectrum of affordable housing.

Smaller cities like SA don’t have the financial ability to sole-build or operate this type of housing ourselves. We are actively supporting our local housing providers’ applications for recently announced funding and allocating financial
contributions to help them work. Further, requests have been submitted for an Outreach worker and having our shelter open year-round. See for more information.

3) What do you think is the city’s most pressing need or issue and what is your solution?

“Housing Affordability” and becoming a “FireSmart Community” really stand out on my radar while advocating for the TCH proceeds. Both are significant issues, have been decades in the making and both require immediate starts plus complex long-term planning to get to where we need to be.

We’ve started important applications for funding and planning on both. I’m actively involved with both files and I’d continue with these important initial steps. See for more information.

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