Ross Street Underpass

I’ll be voting Yes in the referendum on the Ross Street Underpass (RSU) and I’m urging all citizens to inform themselves and to vote. This is your chance to have your say.

My thinking on the RSU has changed over time. I’ve come to a “Yes” conclusion because:

  • this is the safest multi-modal access possible
  • the underpass represents the best crossing option available today
  • a “No” vote will be a significant lost opportunity in light of even-higher future costs and re-acquiring (if even possible) the needed properties
  • the city will  likely be faced with significant crossing costs, much sooner than later, associated with Transport Canada mandated crossing improvements and other obligations if there is no underpass

Supporting the RSU does not alter timelines for future infrastructure projects.

I consider the results of the referendum to be binding.

More RSU information is at  Note: The Presentation and Q&A videos are very helpful.

The exact referendum question is:

Are you in favour of Council for the City of Salmon Arm adopting Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 4500, which would authorize the City of Salmon Arm to borrow $5,300,000.00 for the purpose of constructing the Ross Street Underpass and related works?

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