Platform – Infrastructure Projects

I actively support the following Infrastructure Projects:

New Rec Centre: including a new pool facility in a multi-use facility. This could potentially include a performing arts component. While a community survey is currently in progress and needs assessment, design and financing are still to be determined, I’d like to see this facility open in the next 5 years. Further, this facility should be a state-of-the -art Zero Net Carbon design.

Salmon Arm Bay Trail system: Extending our trail system to the West Bay through partnership with out First Nations communities is a top priority for both safety and economic development reasons. Council has already established reserve funds for this and that should continue. Foundational discussions are already underway. Once initial design costs are determined and a plan is formalized, we can apply with our First Nations neighbouring communities for funding to extend the trail system westward beyond the river to Pierre’s Point and further. Improving the trail system right out to Raven would also be a phased part of this.

There are also two much longer-term infrastructure projects that need to be advanced. Both require significant funding and support from higher levels of government and both should be a part of Salmon Arm’s next update of our Official Community Plan (OCP) and planning. These are indeed longer term projects that need to be advanced. Both initiatives require  community consensus, options and major funding commitments to be aligned.

  • A TCH Bypass
  • relocation of the Waste Water Plant

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