Platform – An Affordable Housing Strategy

Housing Affordability – Housing Diversity – Housing for the Vulnerable

Steps are underway to increase the supply of more:

  • Affordable family housing
  • Low income housing
  • Entry level home ownership and rentals

To achieve these goals, all three levels of government must be working together.

Currently happening: Applications for affordable housing funding have been submitted to the province by Salmon Arm housing providers and are supported by the city. These are the first significant opportunities for housing seen in decades and Salmon Arm is working hard for this funding. I’m proud to co-chair the Housing TaskForce to position Salmon Arm to take advantage of these opportunities and will carry on with this important issue if re-elected.

In addition, city council has consistently approved legal secondary and detached suites (R8-zoning), directly supported affordable rental buildings and has recently established an affordable housing reserve to support upcoming affordable housing initiatives.

Salmon Arm needs to adopt an Affordable Housing Strategy for 2019 as recommended by the Housing Task Force.  This strategy will guide our housing-related investments and activities over the next three to five years.  The preliminary work has begun and needs to continue.

A Housing Strategy is a guiding plan that should reflect community needs and perspectives and provide approaches for prioritizing municipal incentives. It provides a required framework for financial partnering with higher levels of government, the private sector and certified non-profit housing providers. Important groundwork is already in progress through our community Housing Task Force comprised of  key social services, housing providers, First Nations, Financial and Development sectors.

The city can play key roles by:

  • developing strategies to foster desired housing outcomes
  • designing policies to improve the supply of affordable housing
  • prioritizing City resources to support the most needed housing outcomes
  • convening, educating and advocating for affordable housing with other levels of government, developers and community organizations

Timeline: It’s already in progress: Ongoing & Immediately 

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