Thoughts on Leadership & Local Governance in a ‘Weak Mayor’ System

I’ve been posting my thoughts on leadership and governance since mid-March on social media but those threads are hard to retrieve. So, here’s an in-one-spot compilation. It’s a thread on The Role of a Mayor, Distributed Leadership in a “Weak Mayor’ system  (legally, practically and perceived) – Slate Politics at the local level, Leadership and Vision & more. What’s best for #SalmonArm local governance?

Post #1 – The “Weak Mayor” System – Important to understand it

Post #2 – The “Weak Mayor” System – A continuation 

Post #3 – General roles of a mayor in our governance system with each role requiring differing leadership expertise

Post #4 –  Distributed Leadership – The key tasks of a mayor and council, with a mayor being one-of-equals in the voting process, are to make policy, set budgets and oversee administration.

Post #5 – “Distributed Leadership” con’t – This time involving both glue and WD40

Post #6 – Local Politcos & their Visions for a Future Salmon Arm – A big thing or shades of ‘So What’

Post #7 – A short & hopefully sweet continuation on the value of comparing political visions for Salmon Arm … with a general adage on the two kinds of people who run for office

Post #8 – Political slates in small city elections – No Thanks!

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