Post #8 Political slates in small city elections – No Thanks!

This short post on the desirability of slates in smaller city elections is the last (until the election) of a thread I started in mid-March on leadership, governance and the nature of local government.

This’ll be brief and to the point for now. First of all, congrats to those so far who have offered their time and interest for a better Salmon Arm.  Citizens benefit from having distinct options and discussion of campaign platform ideas.

Secondly, local governments, especially smaller ones like ours, are not the place for party, partisan or slate politics – period. I’m completely comfortable stating this even though I’ll be a part – an independent one running on my own merits – of the fall ballot.

Slates are not the way that local governments work best and yes that’s fully IMHO. I’d also note that many slates will tout being a banner of diverse thought rather than a slate. It’s a rationale often given by slates who don’t want to appear too slate’ish.

Time will tell and I’ll certainly comment more as the election process rolls out.

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