Post #7 A short & hopefully sweet continuation on political visions

Post #7 – A short & hopefully sweet continuation on the value of comparing political visions for Salmon Arm … with a general adage on the two kinds of people who run for office.

Vision statements are all about encapsulating end goals and understanding & choosing between the outcomes we want.

These statements are good starting points but unfortunately, they can often be little more than electioneering expediency. Vision statements can and should be an ongoing high-level metric for evaluating success! They should reflect what a candidate’s long-term thinking is and how they will navigate towards the future. It’s all about what one is running ‘for’ and not ‘against’.

Vision statements should be a reminder for voters and indeed for the aspiring politicos themselves, of why candidates offer their leadership abilities to the community in the first place. Vision should be front, centre and an integral part of each and every interaction. It takes a ton of work but it’s also easier if these statements are actually a legitimate part of who one is.

A helpful political adage comes to mind here. In politics, there are two kinds of people: “People who want to be something and People who want to do something”.

It’s the initial litmus test for me when I look at espoused vision statements. Does that politico want to be something or do they actually want (and are able) to do something?

Thanks to Barry Wilson for his thoughts on the previous post that fostered these further vision ponderings.

This is an ongoing thread on my take on local governance heading into our fall 2018 local elections. Upcoming posts include the desirability of ‘Slate Politics’ at the local government level, more on evaluating leadership qualities and reasons for ‘running’.

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