Post #6 Politcos & their Visions for a Future Salmon Arm – A big thing or shades of ‘so what’

Post #6 Local Politcos & their Visions for a Future Salmon Arm

A big thing or shades of ‘so what’ ? Count me in for a bit of both! Clearly stated visions are important to have and I’m pretty sure that aspiring candidates in our local election this fall are wordsmithing their particular versions now. If not, they should be.

Here’s the thing though – actually a few things. Many visions will sound similar. Perhaps some will be highfalutin. Some may be part of a campaign that there is no existing vision at all and that their’s is the best or only one. Others may have more narrow visions on specific matters or promote a youthful vision of the future or speak from their own accumulated experience. For me, vision statements are all about political philosophy and approach as applied to making important local government decisions. And a variety of choices is all good.

I have faith in the ability of the electorate to navigate the visions that will be put forward and support the ones that make sense to them.

The policy approaches behind the vision statements are where the rubber hits the road. That’s the important ‘so what’ part. I’m expecting that there’ll be lots of opportunity to delve into the policy ideas and implications behind the candidates’ visions that we’ll we hear about this election season.

Specifically speaking to possible campaign approaches of “there is no vision” but “I/we do have one”, I’d disagree (in advance) and will look forward to drilling down on the specific policies and underlying implications behind such statements.

A clearly articulated vision for the future is important. The city has a community vision enshrined within it’s OCP. It’s important to expect visions from the political aspirants and to hold them accountable to explain how their political platforms support those visions. Personal vision statements are also critical for those wanting to serve as community leaders. Personal visions are all about “How” things will be approached on many matters including those that might not even be on our horizons right now.

Finally, I’m anticipating that key election discussions may centre on the vision and approaches to more specific topics such as economic development and our local social and environmental capacities.

I’m absolutely looking forward to these discussions and comparisons of platforms! For sure, folks will get an update of where I’m coming from and where I hope to see Salmon Arm going.

This is an ongoing thread on my take on local governance heading into our fall 2018 local elections. Upcoming posts include political visions (con’t) and the desirability and implications of ‘Slate Politics’ at the local government level.

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